So many companies are focusing today on the fit of candidates for their open jobs. A person who isn’t a good fit is not necessarily unqualified but they may not be productive in the environment. It is important that each new team member feel like part of the organization and that they share the same values and ethics and can work with the team. But what does it really mean to make a hiring decision based on company culture? Here are four things you can consider when making your next hire.

  • Shared values. Your company does have a specific personality and a set of core values that make you into the type of organization you are. Some companies are casual with flexible schedules and creative office environments. Others are more traditional and dress code and punctuality are extremely important in the culture. Hiring a candidate who embraces the opposite values than you company can lead to a hiring nightmare.
  • Shared ethics. Your company ethics are as important as your company values. Business ethics are not one size fits all. While it is important to maintain integrity regardless of your office environment, there are small things that contribute to your company’s success. For example, if a strong commitment to customer service is extremely important to your organization and a candidate is unable to communicate with a client in a professional manner, your ethics may seem compromised.
  • Train for company culture. Making an offer to a candidate doesn’t mean your responsibility to them is over. When they begin their training process it is important to share with them your corporate culture. Team them up with a mentor who can show them the values, ethics and culture of your office environment. This way they will have a full understanding of what you do and, more importantly, why you do it.
  • Behavioral interviews. Asking a potential candidate how they would handle certain situations may be one of the best tools to determining if they share the same values and ethics as your company. Behavioral interviewing is designed to get to the core of an employee’s motivation. Ask them how they would react with an irate customer or how they work within a team to accomplish an important task.

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