Do you watch the clock? Do you procrastinate? Employees, and managers, are really good at finding ways to feel busy but are actually major productivity killers. Before you waste another second of valuable time in your work and your life, have a look at these 6 productivity killers that you need to ban from your professional habits.

Cell Phone Alerts

When your phone goes “bing!” you automatically answer it, right? Everyone does so don’t be ashamed, but it will affect your productivity. Turn your phone on silent when you need to get something important accomplished. And make sure you can’t see it so you’re not tempted to check it.

Misuse of the Internet

Have you ever fallen down the Wikipedia rabbit hole? You just want to look up one thing and the next thing you know you’ve read everything you can about the French revolution. While at work, the internet is a tool, so limit your time with it when you need to be working.

Office Gossip

The water cooler is a great place to allow yourself to become distracted. You may talk about the latest episode of The Walking Dead or what Sharon was doing in the office last Thursday. It is time to break the cycle of office gossip and just say no. Don’t be anti-social, but set limits for yourself.

Too Much Social Media

Facebook can be as distracting as your cell phone, especially when you have alerts integrated on your phone. You don’t have to see when your mom posts a smiley face on your latest updated. Set aside times of the day that are for social media only so you don’t get distracted.

Over-Reliance on Email

We need email for business, don’t we? Well, sure, but there needs to be a system or you will find yourself responding to emails all day without accomplishing anything. Use the first hour of your day to respond to any emails that come in overnight. Then shut it down and don’t come back to again until after lunch and again right before the end of the day.

Unproductive Meetings

Meetings are another business requirement that sometimes get a little out of hand. A productive meeting is a great thing, but too many meetings quickly become time wasters. Only schedule meetings that are critical to projects and be judicious about skipping ones that won’t help you.


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