Where you work is as important as how you work. That is never more obvious than when you observe an employee who is woefully unorganized. But everyone can benefit from some alterations to the way they currently set up their office or desk and the way in which they interact with their environment. To improve your productivity and increase your chances of success, consider these ways to optimize your workspace for the best results.

Replace Your Chair

The first step is always to replace your chair. You should never be hunched over at your desk. Your chair should allow you to sit up straight and keep your feet planted on the floor. This means your computer should be at the right height for typing and viewing as well. Without a good foundation, everything else will be a challenge.

Make a Place for Everything

Good organization is the key to success. If you have files strewn about all over your workspace there will be no wonder that you can’t get things done on time. Create an efficient filing system that works for you. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, but if your solution is too hard to keep up with you can try something else.

Use Natural Lighting

You may be surprised to find out that the lighting in your office has as much to do with your productivity as the way your desk is organized. People who work with a lot of natural light are more motivated than those who labor under the harsh glow of fluorescent lighting. If you can, position your desk by a window.

Get Up and Walk

Lastly, not everything about your workspace is about the space where you work. Sometimes you just need to get up and walk. There is a movement toward standing desks, which are proving to be useful as our bodies are not designed to sit all day. But if a standing desk is not an option, take multiple short walking breaks throughout the day to keep your blood pumping and keep you productive.


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