Telling a potential employer that you’ve been fired can open a can of worms. But being fired doesn’t have to mean that you’re out of the game forever. There will be opportunities ahead of you, but how you position yourself in interviews will be critical. You have to own your mistakes, so consider how you are going to discuss them without turning off a potential employer. Before you go into your next interview, consider these tips to help you better discuss your recent experience and be able to show your strengths to the hiring manager.

Growth and Development

Don’t dwell on what went wrong. Consider what went right. How has this experience been educational for you? Use this experience to demonstrate to a potential employer that you have learned a lesson that you can apply to your career going forward. Use real examples from your employment history to give them a better understanding of how you have grown from this experience.

Avoid Negativity

You may have a lot of animosity toward your former managers or coworkers, but never let the new employer hear about that. Don’t say any words about your past employer that could be perceived as negative or complaining. The new employer will automatically assume you’ll carry this attitude over to their place of business, and they won’t take that risk. Keep all of the attention focused on yourself and how you’ve handled the situation.

Moving Forward

Only discuss as much as you have to about your termination. Otherwise, concentrate on how you can benefit the new company with your skills and experience. Talk about how you will fit in with their company and how you can improve your performance in a new environment. Don’t look back. Be the solution to this company’s problem and you’ll find a better environment.

Getting the Right References

In some case, it is better that you aren’t the only one singing your praises to a potential employer. It is also critical that you find the best people to provide as your references. The company shouldn’t be calling your most recent employer without your permission, so give them a list of individuals who will speak highly of you. These can be former managers or coworkers. Contact them ahead of time to get their permission to provide contact information.

Find the Job That’s Right For You

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