The Holy Grail of hiring is to bring in an employee so competent and skilled that they can be trusted to run the company in your absence. Someone with all the skills that your company needs and a personality that matches your current staff sounds so impossible. Many hiring managers aren’t sure where to find these mysterious perfect candidates, or whether or not perfect exists. But you can attract better, smarter, and more efficient candidate with a few easy tips. Here is how to get started.

Evaluate Your Current Process

Sometimes the problem doesn’t lie with the lack of skilled candidates available in your local pool but rather how you source them. Review your processes to make sure that every step is optimal. How do you place your ads or job postings? How do you contact potential candidates? What hoops do they need to jump through just to get to an interview? Consider streamlining anything that isn’t working.

Ensure Your Mobile Platform Works

Now that so many adults are using cell phones and tablets exclusively, the importance of optimizing your application process for mobile technology has never been more urgent. Make sure that the online application process is easy and that all of the links work the way they’re supposed to.

Create Detailed Descriptions, Not Lists

Potential employees do want detail, but they don’t want exhaustive lists of duties or requirements. There is a delicate balance here, but when you master it you will see the quality of your candidates improving. For example, instead of listing out what someone is expected to do in the job, write the post as a narrative of a day in the life.

Be Proactive About Talent

Companies who are most successful in hiring the best candidates often suggest it is due to never shutting down their pipeline. When you continue to network and look at potential employees even when you don’t have a current opening, it can enhance your ability to hire the very best when you’re ready to do so.

About StaffEx

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