It is exceptionally important that you are able to find a candidate who possesses all of the technical skills to perform for your open position. Have you thought much about their soft skills? Soft skills are those personality traits that are hard to define and often the reasons so many clients describe their ideal candidate as “I’ll know it when I see it.” If you are able to define the soft skills that you are looking for you will have better success hiring the right person from the start. Here are some soft skills to look for in your next interviewing process.

  1. Must be adaptable.  Companies are looking for individuals who are not easily stressed out by changes in direction or priorities. Some individuals don’t handle change well and when new systems are introduced they can breakdown or it can take them an excessive amount of time to come back up to speed. If you can adapt quickly to changes in the office you may be a great fit for their position.
  2. Must be good at building relationships. Good interpersonal skills between you and your coworkers is a very important skill to bring to the table. A manager doesn’t want to handle personal vendettas, bullying, or other negative situations that could affect the entire office team. If you’re good at getting along with all types of other people you will have an advantage.
  3. Must have excellent communications skills. Some people don’t like confrontation so they use passive aggressive communications techniques to try to avoid negative situations. Other people are overly aggressive suggesting that they are just “telling it like it is” or being honest. Good communications skills can walk a fine line between honesty and compassion. It is important that you can explain your thoughts well both verbally and in writing.
  4. Must be willing to learn. So often individuals become stagnant in their duties and experience. Companies want to work with people who will take on challenges and grow within the company. They want to know they can trust their employees with projects and tasks that they may have never done before. If you can and are willing to learn new things your experience will be enhanced.

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