Your company vision is the glue that holds your team together. It is a combination of your mission statement and corporate values. It is extremely important that your staff buy into the vision that you have established for your organization.

How do you start creating a better company vision that your employees are happy to support, promote, and live every day while they’re working for you?

5 Tips to Get Employee Buy-In For Your Company Vision

Develop a Shared Mission

The best way to get buy-in from your staff members is to have them participate in the development process as soon they can. If you’re creating a better company vision, work with your established staff members. When new employees start include them in any planning moving forward.

Provide an Honest Look at the Current Environment

It is equally as important that you establish what areas of your business need the most improvement in correlation to your vision. The more honest you are about these corrections the easier it will be for employees to step in and use their talents to help course correct.

Create an Action Plan to Move Forward

The next thing that is critical is to create a plan that helps your company move forward. Any help and input should be considered. Once you have all of the brainstorming done you can put together a real action plan that your team can get involved in implementing.

Include Employee Involvement and Input

Your employees will be the heart and soul of your business. Their involvement is crucial for the success of your company and the advancement of your mission. Ask them for frequent input that can help the process stay on track as you make small corrections along the way.

Ask for Personal Commitments

In order to get the most out of your employees when it comes to your business vision ask them for personal commitments as part of their employment conditions. This can be a sort of personal mission statement from each employee that ties into what their role will be in advancing the corporate vision.

Creating a better company vision starts with an engaged workforce.

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