One of the most concerning workplace issues, especially in Florida during the summer, is working outdoors or in a non-climate controlled environment during the hottest part of the day.

OSHA wants to ensure that all employees are safe and to that end they have created an app that can be used on both Apple and Android devices which helps both employers and workers determine the right safety precautions for the workplace.

Let’s take a closer look at the app itself.

Calculate Heat Index

The app provides the tools to calculate the heat index for the day which can then be reviewed before starting work. This will help employees and employers determine what kind of work is safe to conduct outside or if other provisions need to be considered. Heat index combines relative humidity and air temperature to determine how the heat will be perceived by human skin. This creates an “apparent temperature.” For example, a 90 degree day can feel like a 105 degree day if the humidity is high enough.

Assess Risk Levels

The app also provides users the ability to determine the risk levels for working outside. If sun exposure, potential dehydration risks, or the heat index is too high for your workers to be not only comfortable but also safe, it may be time to consider other actions or methods of performing the work or a more aggressive break schedule. It can help employers develop ways to keep their team hydrated and cool.

Reminders of Protective Measures

The app can also remind users to take protective action. For instance, sunscreen should be applied throughout the day especially while sweating. The app can provide reminders to take a break and reapply sunscreen. It can also remind them to bring a hat or stop for water breaks in the shade. These simple prompts can help save an employee from the effects of sun damage or dehydration.

Spanish Language App Available

OSHA has also made the app available for Spanish speaking employees making the information more accessible and safety possible for everyone within your warehouse or outdoor work environment. It is highly recommended that you can provide this tool for your staff to use on their own smart phones or a company accessible smart phone.


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