It can practically feel like the world is ending after you’ve been let go from a job. But it is essential that you move on and create a plan for your career. What happens next is entirely up to you. If you’ve been terminated from a job, there are some things you can do to pick yourself up and dust yourself off before hitting the job market again. So take a moment to process your loss, and consider some ways to get back into the game.

Make the Right Changes

Do you know what happened or were you blindsided. Changes are, this decision didn’t happen out of the blue for your employer. You should ask them why you were terminated if they don’t give you the information. But, it is what you do with that knowledge that really matters. You can make positive changes based on their reasons and consider it a learning experience.

Get Your References in Order

You may not be able to use this company as a reference, but what about a direct supervisor or former supervisor who left the company? Look at the positive relationships you’ve had and contact them directly. Ask them if it would be okay to give their name and number to a potential new employer. While you’re at it, contact managers from past jobs just to make sure you get their permission.

Mind Your Employment Gap

While it may feel good to have a pity party that could last weeks or even months, it is more critical than ever to resume your job search immediately. A job gap, especially after a termination, can say a lot to a potential employer. And, if you’re not finding what you want right away, consider other ways to stay active such as volunteering or short term temp work.

Stay Positive in Your Story

You will be asked why you left your last position. When this happens, you shouldn’t lie but you shouldn’t dwell on the negative. Use some of the information you learned when you left to tell your story. For example, “The position wasn’t a great fit for my particular skill set, so it was decided that there may be something else better suited to my experience. So now I am working on improving related skills so I can use these lessons to benefit a new employer.” Be positive, and focus on what you are doing to make a change.

Take Time to Reinvent Yourself

Of course, sometimes things like this are a wake-up call. Maybe you weren’t a good fit with the job for more reasons than they cited. Maybe you were unhappy. It could be time to look at what you really want to do and refocus your job search and get back on track with your career path.

Find the Job That’s Right For You

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