When you manage a diverse staff you are going to have to learn to work with a variety of personality traits, both desirable and undesirable. Everyone will have different ways of working together and being productive. Some might love deadline oriented work while others are chronic procrastinators. If you have a balance of fast and slow employees how can you tailor your management style to motivate them both?

4 Management Strategies for Different Personalities


Know everyone well.

When you know what makes everyone tick it will is much easier to customize your management strategy. Logical employees are going to make vastly different decision than creative ones. Some people love pressure while others tremble in its wake. To help facilitate this utilize personality profile tools to determine the make-up of your staff. Many of them can be found online for free.

Focus on relationships.

Almost all personality types hate micromanagers. You can avoid becoming one by building real relationships with everyone on your staff. You don’t have to be best friends but take a real interest in what they like and what motivates them. Once your employees are loyal to you managing them will be much easier. You will be surprised how much faith you can put in their work without watching over them all day long.

Create appropriate challenges.

Many employees who are restless on the job say it is because they don’t feel challenged. If your employees are bored it may be difficult to improve their productivity. Instead, choose challenging new projects for each employee based on their personality and what they like to do. Some people prefer repetitive tasks that they can turn off their brain to accomplish. Others want to take on research projects. Spice up their days by giving them a variety to choose from.

Learn what is important.

You may have an employee whose career goal is to advance to management while another is more wrapped up in maintaining a proper work/life balance. Understanding their motivations is an important step to managing different personality types. This can help the procrastinator work more efficiently and the over-achiever reach new goals.

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