There’s big change going on today in modern families, changes that also will have a huge impact on the workplace. Recent research states that the number of people getting married in the U.S. today is the lowest it’s ever been. Conversely, the numbers of those getting divorced also is among the lowest ever.

These researchers found that that which affects families also has an impact on business. Such things as birth control, people getting married later — if at all — the fast pace of technology, and the closing wage gap between men and women are having a profound impact on the how and why we work.

Men and women both are getting married later. Men have been getting married at a later age for several years with women more recently upping the age at which they first get married.

In addition, people are having fewer children. Birth control is playing a big role because women now can better “time” when — or if — they have children.

Labor-saving devices on the home front allow women to spend less time on domestic tasks and more time working in a job or career. In addition, according to researchers, because women are getting married later and having children later than their mothers or grandmothers, they’re spending more time growing a career, waiting to see how the career comes along before deciding on having children

Women also are marrying later and working longer prior to marriage, having a big impact on workplace dynamics as more and more people have more opportunities to meet future spouses in the workplace.

All of this has had a huge impact on businesses. According to researchers, companies now are working to combine more of a “home” atmosphere to the workplace, adding lounges and kitchens to accommodate employees’ needs for rest and sustenance.

As for those couples who don’t have children? Home and work lives can become ever more melded.

More changes may be ahead for businesses as more and more women earn college degrees (now outpacing men). Women traditionally married men with college degrees and then quit working when children came along, with the husband becoming the sole breadwinner. But now that more women than men are earning post-secondary degrees, will men become the primary parent, with women the primary breadwinner?

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